How frequent are my credit reviews? How frequent are my credit reviews?

How frequent are my credit reviews?

At a minimum, Capchase performs a bank balance check every 30 days and a full re-underwriting at least every 90 days. Terms including fees, term cap and available credit capacity, are subject to change during these milestones depending on how the financials of your business have changed since the previous credit underwriting event.


In some cases, Capchase may require to increase the re-underwriting cadence, switching to a monthly re-underwriting schedule. While the purpose of this increased cadenced may be risk monitoring, a client can be submitted for monthly re-underwritings and still be approved or even see their available facility increase.

Note that if a bank connection is not available at the time of the bank check or full financials including bank, accounting, and subscription data at the time of re-underwriting, your available credit capacity will be frozen. Additionally, if your financials indicate an improvement in financial standing, a customer may request to be re-underwritten sooner than 90 days to increase their credit capacity.


You can take a better look at the results of your underwriting on the Credit Review Report dashboard in your account, where you can also request a new underwriting. Learn more about it here.


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