How are my accounting metrics calculated? How are my accounting metrics calculated?

How are my accounting metrics calculated?

How is my Total Revenue calculated?

Your total income is calculated on a monthly basis based on your most up-to-date accounting data.

This calculation includes both recurring and non-recurring revenue. Non-recurring revenue is made up of one-off payments that will not happen again such as tickets for an event. On the other hand, recurring revenue is money that comes in on a consistent basis such as subscriptions.

How are my Total Expenses calculated?

Your Total Expenses are the sum of your operating and non-operating expenses, meaning that COGS (Costs Of Goods Sold) are not included. It gives you a sense of your company’s spending habits and their evolution.

Total Expenses = Total Operating + Total Non-Operating Expenses

How is my Net Operating Profit calculated?

Your net operating profit is calculated on a monthly basis based on the most up-to-date data from your accounting data. It measures the company’s ability to produce profit from operations within a specified time period.

It’s calculated by revenues minus COGS and operating expenses, excluding taxes, interests, and other non-operating expenses such as depreciation. This metric is especially important for SaaS founders because it’s an indication of how much cash flow your business is generating. A negative net operating profit indicates negative cash flow, while a positive net operating profit indicates positive cash flow.

Monitoring your net operating profit can help you understand when you need to make a draw from Capchase or prepare for your next raise.


You can see some of the metrics from your last business' Underwritings directly on your Credit Review dashboard. Here you can also request a new Underwriting to get the latest updated data. Learn more about the dashboard here.

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