How can I submit a draw? How can I submit a draw?

How can I submit a draw?

How do I create a new draw on the platform?

Grow customers can request a new Draw directly on their Capchase account. The funds can reach your account in a few business days once your business is successfully underwritten. If you want to learn more about credit reviews or requesting a new underwriting, take a look at this article.

To submit a new draw, go to ‘My draws’ on the left-hand menu, and then on ‘New Draw’. Include the amount you would like to receive and make sure to review the fees, terms, and schedule before submitting the draw.

Once the draw is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with all the term details and a credit receipt for your records. Credit receipts are also stored and available in the Capchase platform under Transactions.



When will I receive the money after submitting a draw?

Capchase will internally review the draw shortly after submission and the disbursement should be available in your bank account within 2-3 working days. Please note that processing times may also depend on your bank institution and the correct assessment of your business data, so remember to keep your connections up to date.

Where can I see the terms of my draws?

You can see the terms of the draw (maturity date, gross funded, and fee) by logging into your Capchase account and going to Grow → My Draws.




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