Capchase Pay 101 Capchase Pay 101

Capchase Pay 101

What is Capchase Pay?

Capchase Pay is a buy now, pay later solution for SaaS companies.

With Capchase Pay, you can get the full contract value of a purchase upfront, while your customers — or Buyers — pay in manageable installments. This service benefits both you and your Buyers as it accelerates the sales cycles for you and provides your Buyers with cash-preserving flexible payment options.

How does Capchase Pay work?

Once you sign an agreement to use Capchase Pay, your sales representatives can offer this solution to any of their prospects.

They will be able to manage the whole sales process through the Capchase Pay platform, from the qualification of their prospect to the point at which the deal is successfully closed. Deals can be handled either through Capchase’s Vendor Hub or through an integration with the vendor’s CRM, including Salesforce and HubSpot.

Buyers creation

Once your sales representative creates their prospect in Capchase Pay, they will be known as a Buyer, who will need to go through business verification prior before a deal is approved. Every Buyer goes through an automated KYB process once created in the Buyers' Hub, and you'll have their business results within minutes. Once your Buyer is approved, you can create a deal that will provide you with a Payment Link to send to your customers.

Tip: Check here the eligibility criteria for Buyers

Payment Link

A Payment Link is generated for each deal and includes the steps for your Buyer to see the details of their services agreement and the payment schedule. Through the payment link, the Buyer can safely provide a payment method and sign the agreements with Capchase. You can see here the Buyer Payment Link experience.

What do the different statuses of each deal mean?

A Capchase Pay deal progresses through several statuses, which are indicated in your Vendor Hub or CRM. Here is what each status means:

  • Pending qualification: Your sales representative has submitted the data of the prospect. Within a few minutes, Capchase will come back with an Approval or Rejection based on our KYB evaluation that determines whether the Buyer is qualified for Capchase Pay. You can learn more about this here: How the KYB process works for our clients' buyers.

  • Approved qualification: Capchase communicates to your sales representative that the prospect has been Approved real-time in the Vendor Hub or CRM.

  • Rejected qualification: Capchase communicates to your sales representative that the prospect has been Rejected, which may be due to an ineligible geography, industry or business model.

  • Link created and link sent: The payment link is ready, and your sales representative can choose whether to send it to the Buyer directly or to have Capchase send it.

    Note: The payment link will carry the prospect to a form, which will display all the terms and the proposed payment schedule. If the prospect agrees, they will provide the necessary payment method details to Capchase and proceed with the agreement's signature. Check here how it looks like for your Buyer to access the Payment Link.

  • Active deal: The prospect has opened and completed the link. They are ready to start making payments following the agreed-upon installment plan. The Vendor will receive the cash upfront once the initial payment settles successfully.

When will I receive my upfront payment?

You will receive your deal's total funding value once your Buyer completes their first payment. On the creation of new deals, you can set up the date for the service to start and the date for the Buyer’s first payment.

The payment should arrive in your bank account in about 3 working days after the Buyer's first charge is completed. Note that processing times may vary based on your bank.


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