Creating deals from Salesforce CRM Creating deals from Salesforce CRM

Creating deals from Salesforce CRM

This article will guide you through the whole process that a sales representative must follow to offer the Capchase Pay solution to a prospect if your company uses the integration with Salesforce CRM.

If you want to learn more about how Pay works, we recommend you first visit the Capchase Pay 101.

Important to know before starting:

  • Make sure you have the Capchase x Salesforce integration installed and
  • You can only use existing Opportunities, currently, it is not possible to create new contacts in the integration.

Customer qualification

Your customers, also known as your Buyers, must go through a KYB review to ensure they are an eligible business.

On Salesforce, go to the Opportunity page and click the ‘Start Qualification’ button. You will be directed to a form with the business details, as they are in Salesforce. Complete all the required fields as they are in the legal documents.

At the bottom, your email will be automatically assigned to get notifications about this qualification. You can add more emails by using a comma and a space (”, “) in between the addresses.

Make sure that everything is correct before sending it: The qualification is automatic and even a typo can affect the process. If everything is correct, you can receive approval in less than a minute.

Qualification Status

  • Qualifying: Your Buyer’s information was sent to Capchase to run the KYB.
  • Under Review: This evaluation will be reviewed by our team. This could be due to incomplete or incorrect information or an eligibility constraint with the Buyer. We might contact you to get additional information.
  • Rejected: Your Buyer was determined ineligible during the KYB assessment.
  • Approved: Your Buyer was successfully approved and we can move forward with the next steps.

The emails added in the previous screen as contacts will receive a notification of the Buyer qualification results.

Deal details

Once your Buyer is approved, we will need the details of the service, in order to create the deal and prepare the agreements. Reply directly in the approval email with the required info below:

  • Service Title
  • Service Description
  • Service Start Date
  • First Charge Date
  • Total Contract Value
  • Total Contract Duration
  • Payment Frequency

Payment Link created

A few moments after you submit this info, you will see the buttons to ‘Copy Payment Link’ and ‘Download Proposal’, that you should send directly to your Buyer for them to complete.

The Payment Link contains the service details and a payment schedule, and it’s where your Buyer will include their payment details and sign the agreements to close the deal.

Check here what your Buyer sees when filling in a Payment Link.

Payment Link completed

Once everything is set up, you will receive an email with the next steps for payment link completion and the related documents.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message at

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