Credit Review Report Credit Review Report

Credit Review Report

Review your Business Performance with Capchase Review Report

All the Capchase Grow customers undergo an evaluation of their business financials to ensure eligibility for Capchase’s services throughout the partnership. Re-underwriting consists of a full evaluation of your banking, accounting, and subscription data every 90 days, and a banking check every 30 days.

The data generated in your most recent underwriting process is displayed in the Credit Review Report, where you can access the key metrics that were used to assess your business health. If you have more than one Underwriting evaluation, you can see how those metrics evolve over time.

You can see metrics such as YOY Growth, Gross and Net Margin, Monthly Burn, and more! You can also request to have your business underwritten up to once a month, at no extra cost.

You can get to your Credit Review Report by clicking on the ‘Last Credit Review’ link on your Home Page.


If you have any doubts about the Credit Review report, feel free to reach out to