How can I integrate Pay with Salesforce? How can I integrate Pay with Salesforce?

How can I integrate Pay with Salesforce?

Capchase-Salesforce Integration

Capchase Pay offers an integration with Salesforce, which can make the lives of sales team members much easier. With this integration, your users can effortlessly submit customer information directly from Salesforce and receive a Know Your Business (KYB) response in under a minute.

Companies interested in using this integration can schedule a call with Capchase to set it up by sending an email to


How do I install the integration with Salesforce?

You can install the Capchase in their Salesforce instance to begin the setup. By giving the necessary permissions the connection will be made. See demo of the the process below:



How do I configure the integration with Salesforce?

Once the Capchase application is installment, you will then need to configure it. You can do the configuration from their Salesforce portal in the Opportunities page layout.

  1. Add Capchase → Setup → Edit Page
  2. Under Components → Search for ‘Capchase’ → Drag the component to the main view
  3. On the right side menu: Add Client ID & Client Secret
  4. To save some time, you can pre-fill some input fields that are required by Capchase with some data you already have in the Opportunity object.
    1. For example, if you want to pre-fill the Customer name with the name of the Account that it's attached to the Opportunity, you can indicate here that this field will come from Opportunity.Account.Name
  5. Press SAVE on the top right button
  6. Press ACTIVATE to save the layout

As an additional step, you may grant required permissions to non-Admin users:

  1. Setup icon → Setup → Search for ‘Permissions’ in the search tab
  2. Click ‘Permissions Sets’ → In the ‘Permissions Set List’ choose ‘Capchase Pay User’
  3. Click ‘Manage Assignments’ → Click ‘Add Assignments’ on the top right
  4. Select users that will use Pay → In the bottom right click the ‘Next’ button → ‘Done’ button

See demo below:


To get the integration with Salesforce, you can contact your Growth Advisor or send us a message at

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