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Workflows help you personalize how your Buyers will receive reminders


What are Workflows?

Workflows offer the possibility of sending a sequence of email reminders to your Buyers. Here are some of the variables you can configure using the workflows:

Deliverability & Replies

  • Trigger - Pick the trigger event you’d like to send the email reminder, you can send as many reminders as you’d like on any day before and after the invoice due date.
  • Sender - You can send email reminders from different email addresses, allowing for escalation depending on the aging of the invoice. On how to configure a custom email address, check out “How can I send reminders from my business email?”.
  • CC/BCC - Configure copied recipients that will receive the reminders in each workflow.
  • Reply To - Configure to whom the recipient replies to the email reminder.


  • Subject & Body - We recommend changing the content to personalize each email reminder subject and body for a more personalized touch. Learn more about it with the custom variables.

Creating a Workflow

To create a new Workflow, go to Collect in the left-hand menu, then click on ‘View all buyers’. On the Buyers page, click on ‘Go to Workflows’: there you’ll be able to create new workflows and edit or delete existing workflows. There are no limits, you can create as many workflows as you’d like!

We set some templates for you to get started: you can edit them or create new ones to fit your strategy. Take a look at the demo to learn more:



Assigning Workflows to Buyers

In the Buyers page, you can select the Buyer you’d like to assign a workflow.

Once selected, a small widget will appear with a drop-down where you’ll be able to select the desired workflow. Once assigned, the email reminders will be sent based on the configurations set on each respective Workflow.

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