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Pay Release Notes

October 5, 2023

Big Release

💡 The latest big release is the new Buyers page. TL;DR: we have separated the concept of buyers from the concept of deals to make it easier for you to register and approve buyers.


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There are a few reasons why we have done this change, all focused on improving your Capchase Pay experience:

  • Clarity → As the product has continued to evolve, the deals section was becoming a bit cluttered, and some confusion was reported, especially related to the different states of a buyer before they are approved for deals. This caused some deals to be duplicated and led to inquiries into our support team. Having a separate page for buyers will help resolve that confusion.
  • Role separation → In some of our larger customers, the users creating and approving buyers are not necessarily the ones creating deals later on. Separating the two concepts gives you more control over these features and your process.
  • CRM Integrations → For the happy customers already using our Hubspot and Salesforce integrations, this change will allow us to improve how we push statuses between CRM and Capchase.
  • Future features → We plan to continue to enhance the buyer entity (such as a more detailed risk assessment!), so separating buyers into a new page will give us the foundation for that.


Here is a 1-minute Loom explaining the key features:

The change is simple, but deep – so it might take some getting used to. Here are the main changes:

New Buyer Page

Buyers now live in a new page that can be easily accessed from the left navigation bar. This is your new home to:

  • Register and approve new buyers → Add new buyers and run them through the approval process before creating deals for them.
  • Checking approval status → Check the status of buyers that have ran into KYB issues due to missing or incorrect information.

How to Create Deals

This slightly changes how you create deals for approved buyers. Once you have registered a buyer in this new page, and it has been approved, you can now create deals for them. You can do so in two ways:

  • From the Buyers page → You’ll see a “Create deal” button next to each approved buyer.
  • From the Deals page → You’ll see a “New deal” button.

Coming Soon


Proposals allow you to unify the payment and signature steps in Capchase Pay. With it, you can include your Terms of Service and any other documents that require signature, along with Capchase’s agreements, so that the closing process can happen in a single step. The whole packet will be sent via Docusign for all parties to sign.

⚠️ This feature is ready for Beta users, so if you want to test it out, please reach out to this link to reach out to our co-founder.

Here is a demo:

Complex Schedules

We have received feedback on the need to have more complex schedules to support special cases that are not as simple as a 12-month equal payment financing. This could include adding implementation fees, tax line items or irregular payment schedules.

We are currently researching this need further, if you also have this need, please let us know by reaching out to or in the form below.


💡 We’re always happy to hear from you. Please use the form below to submit any additional feedback, ideas or bugs you have encountered.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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