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Keep track of your deals’ status in one place!


A deal is a contract between a Vendor and a Buyer when using Capchase Pay. It includes the service details and the documents the Buyer needs to sign.

Every new deal creates a Proposal Link, which the Buyer reviews and signs, for the deal to be considered complete. If you are a Vendor, now you can keep track and create new deals on the Deals Dashboard.

Creating New Deal

You can create a new deal on the Deals Dashboard by clicking the “New Deal” button, or on the Buyers Page, by clicking on the “Add deal” button on the Buyer’s line (check here how to create a new Buyer).

Important to note: A Deal can only be funded for approved Buyers, and only after the Proposal Link details are complete.

Take a look at the step-by-step below:

To create a new Deal, go to the Deals Dashboard on the Pay section of the left-hand menu, and click on the ‘+New Deal’ button on the top right.

After selecting the buyer, you will need to provide details about the service, such as the agreement documentation and the following info:

  • Title of the service An easy description to identify the services rendered to the Buyer
  • Description Optional, but recommended for clarity
  • Service total value Include here the total value for the whole period of the contract
  • First charge date The day Capchase will make the first charge to your Buyer
  • Service duration Length of the service contract, in months
  • Service start date The day you will start providing services for this Buyer; this is not necessarily the same as the first charge date

Ensure all the required fields are filled in before proceeding, and click on ‘Continue’. Before confirming the service details, provide the name and email of the responsible person to sign the agreements on the Buyer’s behalf.

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Proposal Link

A new Proposal Link is created after you include all the service details; this is sent to your Buyer so they review the terms of their agreement with you.

After confirming the service details, you'll get to the link configuration. Here, you can set an expiration date for the Proposal Link and add BCC emails for notifications, both optional.

Once you finish setting the details of the Proposal Link, you will be taken to the 'Confirm & Send' page. The overview will display:

  • The payment terms, fees, and payment details
  • A payment schedule based on the terms you've set
  • Your Buyer’s Company details

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 11.57.58.png

After checking and confirming the details of the proposal, the link will be displayed so you can send it to your Buyer. You can also find the Proposal Link directly on the Deals Dashboard, by clicking on the ‘Copy Link’ button assigned to the Buyer.


Tracking my Deals

After you create a deal, it will show in the Deals Dashboard, where you’ll be able to see the respective status.

  • On the Drafts tab, you’ll see all the deals that are missing some service details and are not finished yet. You can edit and finish them by clicking on the ‘Continue Payment Link’.
  • On the ‘Pending Signature’ tab, you’ll find the deals that are already complete but are missing the Buyer’s signature.
  • The ‘Pending Payment’ tab includes the Deals that were completed and signed but weren’t paid yet
  • The ‘Active Deals’ contains all the deals that are currently active
  • And finally, the ‘Concluded Deals’ shows the deals that have already been fully paid

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