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Buyers Page

Where you can find everything about your Buyers

Buyers Page

The Buyers page contains a list of all your Buyers, and it’s also where you can create a new one. Here you can see all the information about their business and their deals. You can get to the Buyers page by going to ‘Pay’ on the left-hand menu, and clicking on ‘Buyers’.

Buyer Onboarding

In order to start using Pay, we need to run a security business evaluation for your buyers. The verification will run automatically once you create a new Buyer.

To do it, go to the "Buyers" page and click on the button on the top right-hand. Fill out the form with the required information, and be sure to include it exactly how it is written on the official documents. This is important to have an accurate response from our providers. Check the step-by-step below:


Here is the information we will need from your Buyer:

  • Company name
  • Company legal name
  • Company website
  • Company street address
  • Company postal code
  • Company City
  • Company Country

Once all required fields are filled in, click on the "Create buyer" button. Capchase will typically provide the eligibility assessment results in less than 60 seconds. In the case that your buyer requires further review, a member of our team will reach out.

You can see the Buyer’s approval status directly on the Buyer’s Page. After it’s successfully approved, you are ready to set up a new deal! You can learn more about how to do it here.


Buyer Eligibility

Currently, Capchase can only accept Buyers that:

  • Have been incorporated for more than 1 year
  • Have 2 or more employees
  • Are incorporated and/or operating in the authorized countries list

If you encounter any challenges or require clarification regarding a specific buyer's assessment, don't hesitate to send us a message at