Balance, statements, and upcoming debits Balance, statements, and upcoming debits

Balance, statements, and upcoming debits

Balance, statements, and upcoming debits

Learn where to find more about your transactions

You can view your updated account balance and payment data on your Capchase account anytime. Your account is your source of truth and provides access to your monthly statements, credit receipts, draw balances, and payment schedule.


Financing Overview

You can find your outstanding balance - or the amount still owed to Capchase - directly on the home screen of your Capchase Account, along with the Available Credit and the TermCap available for your business.

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Your Available Credit is calculated based on the total Credit Capacity provided to you during your last credit review net of the outstanding balance. You can view the results from your last credit review by clicking on the “Last Credit Review” in the top-right corner of the Financing Overview.


Upcoming Repayments

You can view your upcoming payments in the ‘Your Transactions’ section. You can click on the ‘Download’ button to download your payment schedule including upcoming debits and completed transactions.

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Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are sent every first week of the month for the previous statement period and provide a summary of all posted transactions and balances by draw. Your statement balances are calculated based on any transaction successfully processed during the statement period. The transactions are shown on the last page of the monthly statement.

You can view and download all of your monthly statements on the ‘Complete Transactions’ tab or in Settings > Statements. Learn more about it in the demo below:

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