Deals status Deals status

Deals status

You can keep track of and edit existing deals on your ‘All deals’ tab. Here, you can see the status of each deal, edit the service details of the deals that were not completed yet, and copy the Payment Link again to send to your Buyer.

To do this, go to the Pay ‘All deals’ section on the left-hand menu, and click to see the deals status. There are 5 different statuses:

  • Draft On the 'Drafts' tab, you'll find the deals that were started but are missing service details.
  • Pending signature On 'Pending Signature' you'll find the deals that have a Payment Link generated but were not completed by the Buyer.
  • Pending payment 'Pending Payment' will display the deals for which the Payment Link was completed, but didn't have the first debit yet.
  • Active deals 'Active Deals' concentrates all the completed deals that already started to be debited.
  • Concluded deals Deals that were fully paid will show on 'Concluded deals'.


Pro Tip

You can add different email addresses to receive deal updates — we recommend using this feature to provide real-time updates to all relevant stakeholders, including Sales and Finance, at you company.

You can configure the emails that will receive notifications while creating a new deal. Include all the emails on the ‘Notifications’ field, separated by a comma.


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The credit payment descriptions on the bank statement entry includes both the Buyer's company name and the subscription's external ID to improve your reconciliation.

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