Complex Schedules: Tailoring Payment Solutions Complex Schedules: Tailoring Payment Solutions

Complex Schedules: Tailoring Payment Solutions

Offer more flexibility for your Buyers to pay!

Complex Schedules addresses diverse payment needs to facilitate the payment schedules for your buyers.

With Complex Schedules, you can tailor payment cycles to meet various requirements, including irregular schedules, upfront fees, taxes, and multi-year subscriptions. Moreover, you can incorporate any applicable fees to be charged once within the contract period, offering flexibility and convenience.

Take a look at some of the use cases the complex schedules can solve for you:

Upfront Fees

  • You offer a software license priced at $60,000 per year, with a $10,000 upfront fee. You prioritize receiving the upfront payment as a lump sum rather than financing it to ensure the buyer has a financial commitment from the outset, enhancing their dedication during implementation.

One-Time Fees

  • You have some one-time fees you wish to pass on to the buyer within the contract duration. For instance, you offer a $60,000/year service fee but propose charging an additional $5,000 during two months of the year for supplementary services (e.g., during tax season or specific events).

Multi-Year Contract with Variable Amounts

  • You engage in a multi-year contract where the pricing varies annually, i.e., $60,000 in year 1, $90,000 in year 2, and $120,000 in year 3.


  • You provide a service that includes taxes that must be disclosed in your invoice to your customers. Include taxes such as hardware-related fees, regional taxes, IVA, and other specific taxes.

To request these and other types of complex schedule, please contact or your Growth Advisor.

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