What’s the Pay Portal? What’s the Pay Portal?

What’s the Pay Portal?

The Pay Buyers Portal is the place where your Buyers can manage and see the details of all the contracts they’re paying using Capchase Pay.

Their deals will be displayed in the Portal once the Payment Link is completed: They’ll be able to see the payment schedule, the amount and status for each payment, and much more!

Payment invoices

Now, they’ll have access to the invoices for each installment once they are complete. They’ll just have to click on the respective arrow for each payment to download the documents.

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Share access

Buyers can add as many users as needed to their account directly in the portal. On the left-hand menu, they can click on ‘Share Access’ to add the emails of everybody who needs access to deals.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at support.pay@capchase.com.

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