Creating Deals With Multiple Items Creating Deals With Multiple Items

Creating Deals With Multiple Items

Leverage service items to give your customers payment flexibility and billing transparency.

With service items, you can now:

- Specify the price and billing term for individual products that underly your contract
- Build subscriptions that span multiple years
- Offer different payment frequencies: we now support monthly, quarterly, and one-time payments

It’s easy to start! Take a look at the demo below to learn how to create a subscription with multiple service items:

Configuring your Subscription

Subscription Details

Provide a descriptive title and description that describes the contract that’s being financed. You’ll have an opportunity to add the specific products and services in a moment. You also have the opportunity to select which payment methods you want to offer the customer and which internal teammates should receive updates for this subscription. You can also choose to determine an expiration date for the payment link if you want.

Untitled (15).png

Heads up! Credit card payments may be available by request. Reach out to your Growth Advisor to learn about enabling credit card as a payment option and the associated fees.

Adding Service Items

On this page, you will add each one of the services to be included in the subscription. After adding the title and, optionally, the description of the item, choose its value, frequency, and duration, and specify when the first charge should occur.Untitled (16).png

Here are the frequencies supported:

  • One-time: The one-time fees are due on the earliest first charge date of any item underlying the subscription.
  • Monthly: The most popular way to offer flexible payment options
  • Quarterly: Some customer prefer quarterly payments as it can be less effort to reconcile fewer transactions.

Reordering Service Items

In the Schedule Builder, you can drag and drop items to reorder them in the summary. The summary on the left hand side is exactly what your customer will see during checkout.

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Typical Use Cases

Multi-year Deals

To create a subscription that spans multiple years, simply create multiple service items and set the first charge date one year apart.

Split out taxes as its own service item

Break out taxes as a separate service item to give more granular cost details to your customer throughout the duration of the subscription.

Spread out the cost of implementation fees

If you charge an implementation fee, your customers can now pay the implementation fee upfront or spread it over multiple installments.

Reduce the financing cost by paying more upfront (one-time fee)

For customers who wish lower financing costs, create one-time fees to be paid upfront and choose how to pay the rest. Upfront payments do not incur a financing fee.

Getting paid for subscriptions with multiple service items

By default, each item will be paid out following a successful first charge of that item. In some cases, you may receive multiple payments on the same day for items that have the same first charge date. For items with different first charge dates (for example, items that span multiple years), the payments for each item will be processed after that item’s first charge has completed successfully.

Learn more about payment processing times here.


  • One-time payments can only be applied to the first charge of the subscription.
  • Subscriptions must contain at least one item with monthly or quarterly payments.
  • Subscriptions must still meet the region’s minimum contract value requirement

Need help creating a more advanced schedule? Send us a message at, and we’ll be happy to help.