How can I get started with Capchase? How can I get started with Capchase?

How can I get started with Capchase?


Welcome to Capchase! Whether you are looking for funding with Grow, want to offer flexible payment terms to your customers with Pay, or better manage your revenue with Collect, we need to understand more about your business and ensure we are the best fit for you. The steps below will tell you all you need to know to get started.

Note that Capchase has eligibility requirements based on geography, business model, and business performance.

First, be sure to finish your Onboarding. See how to do it on the demo below:



You can provide your business data by automated connections or uploading it manually. Once the onboarding data is successfully submitted, Capchase will review your application and provide a response in a few days.

Throughout the onboarding process, you will be assigned an Account Executive to guide you through the onboarding and underwriting process. As always, our Support team is here to help at or with the chatbot on your page bottom right.

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